Battery Extension 101
RemotesExpress Blog: March 17, 2009

Whether its your TV remote control, your cell phone, blackberry, mp3 player or laptop, these gadgets aren't very useful if the batteries that power them aren't holding a charge. In this difficult economic time every dollar matters. Did you know that there are ways to extend the life of your batteries?

Here are a few tips for getting more out of your batteries:

Got Wifi or Bluetooth? Did you know that if you keep these features turned off unless you need them you can extend the life of your battery? The same holds true for other items plugged into your USB port. If its in the port it is using battery power. Unplug the cables and you will save your battery.

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Did you realize that the amount of RAM you have in your laptop will affect your battery as well? In this instance more is better. More RAM means the laptop will run more efficiently and efficiency means better battery use.

You will want to run as few programs at a time on your laptop. Close programs not in use to cut the strain on the battery.

Know your battery and how to best charge it. You will extend your life by charging properly based on the type of battery. Older NiCad or NiMH batteries need to be completely drained before a full recharge to function properly and for a reasonable time. Lithium batteries however can be charged and recharged even if only a little of the life has been drained.

Batteries have a lifespan. Usually when you purchase an item and the battery recommended they will tell you how long the battery should last with charging / recharging. A battery won't last forever and after a time it won't hold the charge for any length of time. At that point you will want to properly discard the old battery and purchase a new battery. Remember this does not mean a regular trash can disposal due to hazardous chemicals in the batteries.

Buying rechargeable AA, AAA and other batteries for not only your remote controls, cameras and flashlights is not only environmentally friendly, its economical too!

And remember if you rely on a piece of equipment that depends on a battery for operation, having a backup is good to remember. It may mean that laptop case is a bit heavier to carry while travelling but is better than that sinking feeling when you are working intently away from an electrical outlet and the computer starts blinking "low battery".